Brian Solis

Brian Solis

“Just as any good chef knows, the magic is in the ingredients and how you bring everything together. Babette is not only a gourmet chef, she understands how to bring the right people together. Together, we share and learn and help one another leave smarter and inspired to create our individual masterpieces.”

- Brian Solis, TECHmunch Austin Speaker and Principal of FutureWorks

Petrit Husenaj of MySocialChef.com

Petrit Husenaj

Not sure TECHmunch is right for you? Check out what other folks have to say:

“I’m new to this game and was very nervous and reluctant. I was worried I wouldn’t fit in because I didn’t know any of the attendees. I cannot tell you how helpful and generous everyone was. I got so many tips and advice. The tools I learned has help my blog so much.”

- Petrit Husenaj, TECHmunch NYC  attendee and blogger at Mysocialchef.com.

Mary B. Burleson MarysBites.com

Mary B. Burleson

“Techmunch was a fantastic learning experience for me. Each speaker was fabulous and informative. I knew nothing prior about SEO, branding, media reaching and that cute Ben Huh talking about going viral! Going viral, what’s that?? It was about community, diversity, generosity and it was also a great way to meet other food bloggers. All in all it was a wonderful experience. I will definitely go again!”

- Mary B. Burleson, TECHmunch Austin attendee and blogger for MarysBites.com

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